Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fudgy Brownie Cookies (Or Cookie Brownies as we call them)

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In my last post I let you in on my not so secret addiction to cookies. Namely my Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Walnuts. So, since I'm starting another round of Fat Club this weekend . . . (I'm going to get this weight off again, and keep it off this time!) . . . I thought I would share a couple more cookie recipes while I'm at it.
   This recipe is one that has found a lot of fame on Pinterest. It's a cookie that is make with brownie mix. Since I love brownies out of a box (don't judge!), I thought I would love this cookie. The outcome. A cookie that is fudgy and chocolaty - but not so amazing that I would make them over the traditional brownies. It is nice, though to have little pieces of something to give away. (Cookies pack up and travel better than cut brownies do.)  Most people seem to love this recipe. I really liked it, and it did satiate my chocolate craving - if only for a little while. :)
   I tried this recipe out while visiting my in-laws in Montana. (Remember my super secret trick to decoding my pictures? Blue/White plates = Montana. The pictures always seems little prettier too, because my mother-in-law has great light coming in through the windows in her kitchen. I just put a little plate on the windowsill and it's perfect lighting every time . . . well, as long as the sun is out.) The in-laws all seemed to enjoy these brownie cookies as well.
   Taking a little tangent on the name - The recipe calls them "brownie cookies" but in our family we already have brownie cookies. They are cookies shaped like brownies. (One of these days I will get around to posting that recipe for you. It's one of my favorites.) Our brownie cookies came to be one day when my Handsome Man wanted a sweet treat. I asked him if he wanted brownies or cookies. He said that he wanted brownie cookies. I asked if that meant he wanted a brownie shaped like a cookie, or a cookie shaped like a brownie. He said the latter. I came up with a recipe, he loved it and it went into the family cook book (a very exclusive recipe book/scrapbook). So, this recipe might be called "brownie cookies" to everyone else, but in our family we call them "cookie brownies." Just to clarify. :)

Now, on to the recipe.

Here's all you need:

1 boxed brownie mix, butter, flour, eggs, brown sugar and chocolate chips
Empty the box of brownie mix into a medium to large mixing bowl. The low fat kind isn't necessary, but it makes me feel a little better about eating most of the cookies myself.

Add in the flour, and brown sugar.

Put 1 stick (1/2 cup) of salted butter into a dish to melt. (I like to use a Pyrex measuring cup and melt the butter in the microwave.)

Whisk the dry ingredients together.

Beat up 2 eggs.

Add the eggs to the dry ingredients.

The butter should be melted now. Set it aside to cool for a second.

Add  2 Tbsp of water. (I just used the dish I had the eggs in, and swished the liquid around in the bowl a little before dumping it into the mixing bowl.)

Start stirring, and add the melted butter.

Keep stirring. It doesn't look like it will come together, but keep working it and it will.

When all the ingredients are incorporated, add in the chocolate chips.

Make sure that the chocolate is mixed in well,

and then start scooping.  The original recipe says to chill the batter for 2 hours first, but who are we kidding? I'm not that patient. I used a spoon and scooped a little out.

Then I rolled it into a ball,

and put in on a cookie sheet.

The recipe says to flatten the cookies slightly like this: But I found this unnecessary. All of my cookies (the ones I flattened and the ones I didn't) still came out about the same.

The ones I flattened down spread out more when they cooked.

Let the cookies cool on the baking sheet for a minute before transferring to a wire rack.

My favorite part is the gooey chocolate chips in the middle. Mmmm.

There you have it. Wasn't that easy? And sooo yummy!
Here's the recipe:

 Fudgy Brownie Cookies 

1 package (18 To 21 Oz. Box) Fudge Brownie Mix
1-¼ cup All-purpose Flour 
¼ cups Packed Brown Sugar 
2 whole Eggs 
½ cups Butter, Melted And Cooled 
2 Tablespoons Water, Or More As Needed 
1 cup Chocolate Chunks/Chips

Whisk together brownie mix, flour, and sugar.  Using a heavy spoon, stir in the eggs one at a time, followed by butter and 2 tablespoons water. If the batter appears like there is too much flour, add 1 more tablespoon of water. Batter will be very thick. Fold in chocolate chunks/chips. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. (I skipped this step. If you chill the batter the cookies will be thicker.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet. Drop heaping tablespoons of dough on the cookie sheet. You want pretty thick cookies here to get the brownie feel, about 3 inches apart. Press down slightly. Don’t flatten completely. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool 2 minutes on cookie sheet. Transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.

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