Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome - I'm putting the nagging to rest.

      I'm starting this blog today after a battle with myself over if I had the time and true inclination to do this. I had the idea a couple weeks ago, and ever since it was a nagging thought in the back of my mind. "You should to a food blog." Then it became a nagging thought in the front of my mind. And then it was just shouting at me every time I thought about cooking, watched a cooking show, looked up a recipe or started a meal for my family (all things I do multiple times a day).  SO, here I am. I hope you enjoy it - as it most likely will be just be a vehicle for my own food indulgences (and to make the nagging in my head stop). lol
     I am a busy mommy of 4 who has always loved to cook. I started out experimenting when I was little with new recipes for simple foods I was allowed to cook by myself - like Top Ramen and cereal. I would even style the food to make it look as appetizing as possible. I was proud of my creations, until I got old enough to realize that they were sad excuses for real meals. My dad taught me how to cook (as my mom is a self proclaimed disaster in the kitchen - although she makes some delicious Peanut Butter Fudge, and Banana Bread). I didn't really get into it until I was married, and even then my hubby worked late so I didn't have to make anything too spectacular when it was just me at home.
     I made the big push towards being a domestic diva in the kitchen when my adventurous husband moved us up to Mammoth Lakes, Ca for a job.

(Yes, I know this is Yosemite, but I think of views like this when I think about Mammoth)

      It was gorgeous there. I obtained a true appretiation for nature and all it's beauties, but we were isolated. Far away from any and all friends and family. I turned to cooking to fill my free time. I had one child just starting first grade, and then two little girls at home (ages 4 years and 6 months). Durring my rare moments of quiet, when the housework was done and the kids were all taken care of I longed for a creative outlet.
     I am an avid scrapbooker, but I didn't bring any scrapbooking supplies with me to Mammoth (since it was only a 4 month move, and a very small condo). So, I started being more creative with the food I prepared. We no longer just had one thing for dinner. We would have a main dish, two or three side dishes and a dessert. I loved finding new recipes and making them my own. I also enjoyed reliving memories by making some childhood favorites from my dad or grandma's kitchen. Now it is my goal to not only give my kids good food, but to help them create their own food memories.
     Our time in Mammoth ended. Two years and another kid later we are again in a small town, but closer to family now.

My in-laws with a couple kiddos.

     Please forgive my shortcomings. This is my first blog, and the first time people will be reading anything of mine since college. I'm an awful speller, and it's sometimes hard for me to convey what's in my head. I'm a far cry from a professional photographer, so exuse my poor pictures (and the fact that they all have the date printed on them, because I forget when they were taken otherwise). I will probably have times when I need to cut an entry short because one of my precious angels needs me. If you can forgive me all these inadequacies, and more that I'm sure you'll find eventually, then we'll get a long just fine! :)
      I hope you relish reading this blog as much as I will writing it.  I want you to feel comfortable with me; like I'm your friend, and you are mine. I want this blog to be a place where you can come and find delicious recipes to hopefully help you make your own food memories. Food and family go hand in hand. Enjoy! <3

(Incidentally, Baby Girl is crying so I will post my first recipe soon. . . . but not now. Thanks for understanding, friend.) :)

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